Monday, July 1, 2013



"Greater Art than science because the two go through a tedious accumulation and careful consideration, while his former targets at the same time reached by intuition and presentation; Can science along with talent, but art requires genius. "-Germany Philosopher, Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)

The purity of the life force or spirit does not belong to any part of the physical or material universe. Have no mass, no shape, position in space, there is no energy, and no movement. Located in the spirit world; and this is not religious, but spiritual talk.

The artist is more intellectually and spiritually gifted, demonstration and expression of ideas. Clarity about the concepts of his awareness and his willingness, which is directly related to the level of dealing with life. More purity, the vitality of consciousness reached an aesthetic sense of the artist's strong and intelligent beings is artistic expression. Abstract art, expressed in its purest form by the soul.

The interaction of the artist with his canvas, completely free from the worries of the universe feel; When he paints a memorable time as she entered the world of the sublime spiritual awareness. A country where, according to Schopenhauer, the Sun looks the same, whether in jail or court. This level of grandeur, charming glimpses of life PE of saturated fat; our suffering, that allows us to show our pain by higher elevation point of aesthetic qualities.

Tranquility and relaxation in our room to inject art. It Humanizes our relationship. It soothes our mind and soul. The art of addressing us from the torment of the mortal and material world by limited in our view. The best interest of our sense of art and our emotions. Wonderful arts and culture gives up men to get the light of peace and joy.

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