Monday, July 1, 2013

Arts and entertainment

Arts and entertainment for the budget-Minded Aficionado
During a recession, people tend to cut back on arts and entertainment spending. But the arts enrich life and entertainment is very important during difficult financial times. Here are some ideas that are inexpensive to cultural activities.

The movie looks best on a big screen. If you crave a movie when it's actually released, go to matinees. Seniors can get big discounts on tickets.

More tips:
  1. A single-screen cinema and theatre on the edge of town tend to charge less for tickets.
  2. Check out Your Recreation Department Park & during the summer. Many funds free outdoor movie nights.
  3. If you or someone you know has a projection equipment, hold movie nights in your backyard. Throw a potluck dinner and borrowed a couple of classic movies from the library.

If live theater on your list, try volunteering as a waiter on-call. Training is minimal and mostly Usher get to see the show for free. Your old usher, the more likely you will select shows.

More tips:
  1. Local Repertory Company usually costs less than the larger theatre productions.
  2. Matinees and weekends are cheaper than weekends.
  3. Search for a local theatre group that performs for free in public parks.
  4. Check Your Neighborhood free Library children's programs including puppet shows, storytelling, and music performance.

The museum exhibits can be expensive, but most any corporate sponsored museum offers free day at least once a month. Check out the Web site and do some research-it is not always easily available information. You can always call and find out, then any day in the calendar and plan accordingly. This also applies to children's Museum and the Museum of science.

More tips:
  1. Keep small gallery openings for new artist and group exhibitions. Get on their mailing list.
  2. Exhibition Road will have, on average, at least two full mode is worth a free arts and crafts demonstrations, entertaining.
  3. Volunteer as instructors in your favorite Gallery or museum. You will be informed about the arts, local art, and perhaps an invitation to the event.

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