Monday, July 1, 2013

Girl fight

Girl fight-Turkey News columnist Arman off gloves against entertainment Queen Avsar

We mentioned back in May that Turkey beauty Queen Hülya Avsar entertainment and has his opponents. But it was not until recently that they began lining up against him. And they're not very rough play.

For example, female Newspaper columnists opened highly respected (and usually liberal minded) Intifada Arman's anti-Avsar-attack at the end of September was, "I did not fall to the low grade Hülya Avsar!"

The comments came after a series of exchanges between Arman and loose-lipped columnist entertainer began when politically charged statements that make "Avsar Turkey who want to create an individual should go ahead and do it. Let them live the way they want to live. For example, if you want Kurdish Kurdish State ... it is similar to Turkey's desire to join the Union. "

When he heard Avsar riposted, Arman, the comment "there are some people in show business are a broken zipper mouth!"

Arman added, "Avsar should stick to what they do well ... beauty, acting, singing, entertaining and funny. But when it comes to the topic of politics, political issues are very heavy ... then I have to say, ' Hülya ... Keep, ladies! ' "

These words are certainly upset MS. Avsar, and they came back with its own salvo. "Intifada Arman wrote too much about sex in the newspaper column. She had sex, and the like, on the brain. Well, he also practiced what he preaches. They lured the husband of one of my female friends--and broke some marriages. If I enter politics, I would nominate Arman as Minister responsible for the happy marriage breaks up. "

And in the News next morning, Arman is correct, "check out speak evil" MS Arman replied, "I have learned the lesson of morals almost everyone I know--at one time or another. The only exception is Hülya Avsar ... people with a personal history like his, it does not have anything to teach me or anyone else--in the morality".

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