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Making your experience worthwhile entering art competitions-nine tips

Making your experience worthwhile entering art competitions-nine tips

If you would like to include Your art works in a local art competition, nine art tips that can help is a great experience.

Art competition judges

One of the favorite pastimes of participants try to predict the type of special jury accepted image based on this jury of painting styles. Sometimes choosing your entry in this manner works and you get, but also I've seen, the judges chose an eclectic mix of styles and themes, only some of it as their own.

Art Tip # 1-my advice is to just give Your best work-painting exhibition, clever use of your media, well thought-out compositions and images that demonstrate creativity. These three important criteria are the judges most.

When it entered the chart shows your best strengthen you. Then the judges and viewpoints. And you've got just the vagaries of the process of the jury to accept. As a more extreme example could occur, I once had the same jury on two different occasions. I entered the same image in both the art and the jury rejected it from the first show and there is a difference in later. A nationally known artists told me similar stories about the paintings by him. It was rejected by the national event and won best event. I'm pretty sure that he meant the judge not.

Photograph your art

Art Tip # 2-the second important factor is that you control after a large piece of art, paintings, take a nice photo of it. Here the judge sees to judge your art; He must represent you well.

Images must be naturally short and recognizing colors, to match your art, so did a shoot their own work or a professional to look for.

What is that people who do not see their art photography lighting conditions will affect the color of the image. Exactly how the old film camera shooting turned out to be a picture with a digital camera with your image more orange. The image can turn greenish fluorescent lights. Shoot outside, with overcast skies to create a bluish color, so check your image before entering it.

Many people make mistakes with their digital camera to automatically set. To get color on your image in your graphics, you must understand how to adjust the white balance. Every time, when you have to shoot you in a different light conditions reset the white balance. Check your camera to do this in the manual.

A further award and a killer entry is entered into the required format contains the information necessary to send you. Always read the prospectus art competition. It's amazing, how many people do not directly convert his fee in the instructions.

Tip # 3-the art of the film left, so my advice is to make themselves familiar with preparing and sending a digital picture.

Art competition, digital input often require your image in a certain way to be formatted. The prospectus will often tell a black background and x some pixels in the square will have your entries. If you don't want to buy the software (such as Photoshop or Photoshop elements), that you do, there is a free Internet sites, you can also use the to format your images.

Design art

Okay, you have been recorded in an art competition. There is another important decision to make. How good are you?, to make your job

Select art Tips # 4-jury awards often, until he can see the real work. This decision applies to the entire presentation.

Mat and Your good art design is very important for two reasons.

Reason 1: you have surrounded a beautiful art work cheap-looking frames or frames are scratched or dented, has reduced the only award the eligibility of Your work in the eyes of the jury.

If you and your art, surrounded by colorful or inappropriately colored mat, you have further reduced the chances of getting the award. It's best to be conservative. Use white or off-white mat.

Reason 2: If the buyer likes your art and art should buy them, often taking home she wants to and can soon to hang on the wall. If she was that she felt more money must be spent better reframe your art, it may not be worth waiting for that determine cost and effort.

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