Monday, July 1, 2013

The visual arts

The visual arts

The history of mankind was witnessing the human tendency to met by the aesthetics and beauty of life. People tend to make, again, and change is another demonstration of the history shows to us. Even in prehistoric times, has the characteristic of this man, who clearly with pictures on the walls of stone, carving, etc.

In prehistoric times men have no other way to express yourself than the image on a wall or rock. This is the earliest forms of art, the way in which young artists like to describe what he wanted. In literary terms is simply the communication arts, recreational artists from his vision.

Art, however, is not limited to drawing, painting, sculpture, etc. There are visual arts, such as bonsai tree or luxury hybrid roses. The visual arts are a class of art forms, including painting, sculpture, photography, and others, that focus on creating works which are primarily visual in nature. Currently even dancing, figure skating, gymnastics, Ballet etc. considered as part of the Visual Arts. Simply put, if you do something artistic or running an art, you even take something that has been done before and changed by your own character to pieces to add or change.

The last time was some emerging-art-pop art, ethnic art, etc. The subject of art is just so so big that there is no binding for creativity and what makes it so very interesting.

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